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Digital is the way to go

For the past 16 years, I have been converting various media formats to digital on various mediums. Old cine film, video recordings (commercial and home),  sound in all formats, slides/pictures and so forth, and in recent years CD’s and DVD’s.

Whatever media you have, why not let me give you the pleasure of recapturing your memories. 

Converting to digital format has many advantages such as, no further deterioration of your old material, reduction in storage of old material, flexibility in viewing video and listening to music and easier transportation, to mention a few.  

I guarantee my work to your specification.

My service

I offer a personalized service in the transfer of the following to DVD/CD/Flash Memory/Hard External Drive:


* 8mm/16mm Cine Film

* HI-8/Standard 8 Video

* VHS, Beta, Mini DV/DVD Videos 

* Music from Vinyl LP’s/4 Track Tapes/Reel to Reel, CD’s

* 35mm Slides and Pictures


* CD and DVD content

* Movies and pictures from the latest generation
video cameras or cell phones

This website will act as a guide for you to match your requirements with the end product that you desire.

You will find detailed information about all the services that I have to offer, and how to contact me with any queries regarding the conversion processes and costs involved.

Video & Camcorder

  1. VHS, Beta, Standard 8, Hi-8, mini DV tapes, mini DVD, HDD and HD camcorder content.
  2. All blank and bad quality video recording is removed.

Standard 8, Super 8 & 16mm film

  1. Standard 8, Super 8 or 16mm film (with or without sound) is converted via Telecine adapter directly into digital format resulting in no loss of quality.
  2. Each reel of film becomes a chapter on the output media. 
  3. All blank and bad quality film recording is removed.     

Music LP's & Tapes

  1. Music tracks from LP and 45 rpm records, 4 track tapes or reel to reel tape selectively transferred to digital in WAV or MP3 format.
  2. Tracks transferred are analysed for various noises such as clicks, crackles and hisses and are removed.
  3. Sound is balanced across all tracks to provide a uniform playback volume.
  4. All track titles and artists from original material (if available) will appear on the CD inner cover or as tags on the MP3 tracks for viewing on playback.

35mm Slides & Photos

  1. 35mm Slides/Pictures are scanned into JPEG digital format using a 4800X9600 high quality scanner, and subsequently edited with Photoshop for quality.
  2. They can then optionally be printed and/or viewed on computer, TV or picture viewer.
LP record player

General Information

  1. All DVD/CD’s produced are:
    • Inkjet printable
    • Have a relevant title and/or picture
    • Are supplied in a high quality black plastic DVD/CD case
  2. Authoring and background music (of your choice) is optional in the conversion process.
  3. Flash memory is optionally supplied or you can supply it.  
  4. External harddrive to be supplied by yourself.
digital camera

Contact me - Syd Poole

Need more information or some special audio/visual conversion requirement?

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